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New Pub Launch

There are only 3 ways to to make your pub successful…

  1. Get more customers
  2. Get those customers to visit you more often
  3. Get those customers to spend more each time they visit

So when launching your pub how are you going to get enough customers to make you successful?

(When I say launch your Pub, this also applies if you could do with a sales boost and would like to ‘re-launch’ your business to start making your pub really successful!)

Innovative marketing has always been a passion and driving force behind the success we have enjoyed over the past 32 years. The launch of the Fox at Peasemore made us dig deep into all the skills and experience we had gathered from successfully developing country, rural and village pubs over many previous years.

What do I mean by marketing? Marketing is nothing more than doing the simple tasks and clever promotions that tell your potential & existing customers who you are, and what you offer, so that they come and spend money at your pub.

Our pub is in a small “very rural” village, 7 miles from from the nearest town. I am pleased to report, due to a very successful launch campaign, we are getting lots of customers and they keep returning and bringing more customers.

Do you have (or want to have) a rural, country or village Pub?

So if you have, or are considering having, a country, rural or village pub, why not take a really big short cut to success and let the proven experience of the Pub Marketing Circle help you make your pub business really successful?

I am very happy to have a FREE chat with you about your pub, so please give us a call on 01635 248569 or drop us an email.

You have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us…but everything to gain, if your pub business really starts to fly!

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